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Filling up the front-page slider is easy like 1,2,3! First you need to tell WordPress which category from which images and caption are drawn. While logged in as Administrator in WordPress Admin Panel, Go to The Architect -> Homepage (Slider) and select a category where you will posts your images. This category need to be a unique category for the frontpage slider. (Eg. Slider) -> Click save.

Now we need to fill up this category with posts that will include a Title and a Post Thumbnail only. You can’t write anything in the text editor. So create a new post, toggle the Slider category and click on Set Featured Image.

The Featured Image have to be 1003px wide by 587px tall, if the image is larger, WordPress will crop the image to fit with this requirement. We suggest that you create your images in Adobe Photoshop first.

When your featured image is uploaded, you need to set the title of the image. The title will be extracted by the slider and will use it for the slideshow caption. Don’t edit the caption of the Featured Image and/or anything else or it will break the frontpage slider.

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